Smuggle In Booze
To Save £££

Supporting Pilgrimages To The Sesh Since 2019

Seshlehem was inspired during Boomtown music festival. We faced the same problem every festival goer has... how to avoid paying for over priced drinks while still getting suitably buzzed to have a great time.



The perfect way to
bring alcohol into festivals, didn't bat an eye lid at the sun tan cream
bottles and filled the plastic bags with drink and put them in bagettes!!!!


United Kingdom, 20 Oct 2021


Perfect decoy

These worked
amazing as a decoy icepack and held just under a litre between them

Lou Ahern

United Kingdom, 13 Oct 2019


Good for smuggling alcohol

Great for smuggling
alcohol into festivals etc security guards didn’t have a clue what we were up
to. Good size too can fit 3/4 litre in wicked.

Amazon Customer

United Kingdom, 22 Aug 2019


Finctional and as described

As described and
stored vodka without any problems.

H Rogers

United Kingdom, 6 Aug 2019


Good product

This was a good
quality product and exactly what was required/sold as.

L Ward

United Kingdom, 2 Sept 2019



Just the job. Worked well.

kim lever

United Kingdom, 28 Sept 2019